Lateral Damp

Lateral damp issues are usually from a source difficult to isolate and control.  Rising Damp Solutions have over 30 years extensive experience in Sydney homes and buildings and knowing where to look and the types of problems that can cause lateral damp.

What are the signs of lateral damp

  • Wet patches on ceilings
  • Water seeping through cracks in external walls
  • Decaying floorboards/joists 

What is lateral damp?

Lateral damp, part of our expertise in rising damp solutions, is when moisture or water enters a wall or building horizontally.

It enters from any level of your house, or from the parapet wall (where the roof meets the wall) for a wide range of reasons – cracked rendering or brickwork / faulty mortar joints, bathroom waterproofing defective or tile grout worn out, leaking water pipes or poor flashings, downpipes or guttering.

Lateral damp is harder to diagnose, as water can travel and the source of the problem isn’t necessarily where the damage is seen.

If left untreated, lateral damp will get worse over time and cause water damage that will affect the structure of your house as well as its visual appeal.

The lateral damp solution

Our trained and experienced surveyors will conduct a thorough survey of your property to accurately identify the cause of the problem. A variety of methods will be used, from water absorbency tests to roof, guttering and brickwork inspection to find and isolate where the water is coming from.

Several damp proofing treatment techniques and solutions will be discussed with you to decide on the next course of action to fix your lateral damp problem.  This may include applying a damp proof course, fungicidal treatment to prevent timber rot, or a salt control treatment to remove all traces of moisture.

Talk to Brad today on 0417 499 917 about fixing your lateral damp problems today – unfortunately they won’t go away by themselves.