Rising Damp

Rising damp is unsightly, bad for your health and can affect the structure of your house or building – it’s time to find a rising damp solution!

What are the signs of rising damp?

  • Blistering or flaky paint
  • Cracks in render
  • Moist feel to wall, especially in humid weather
  • Evidence of effervescence (salt crystals)
  • Tide marks (shades of colour) usually darker underneath than above the wall.
  • Mould (not always)

What is rising damp?

As the name suggests, rising damp occurs when moisture rises up through brick or masonry walls from ground level.  When houses and buildings are built, they are constructed with a damp barrier called a damp proof course, to stop the ground moisture being drawing into the walls.

Over time, this damp proof course can become damaged or the building circumstances have changed that alter the damp course (such as changing external ground level).  The damp proof course can sometimes not be installed properly from the outset.

The rising damp solution

Firstly, Rising Damp Solutions surveyors will inspect your property and survey anything that may be causing the rising damp.  Using a specialised moisture meter, we will locate the areas in your building that have high moisture content.  This will provide a good assessment of the size of the overall problem and the condition of the damp proof course.

A course of remedial action to fix the cause will be advised and a free quote provided for the work – this may entail repairing the existing damp proof course or installing a new damp proof course, depending on the circumstances.

Once the work has been approved, the rising damp rectification work begins.  A chemical damp proof course will be injected into the affected area and wall to form a continuous waterproof layer.  This unbreakable barrier will prevent the moisture from rising through the ground and up the wall.

The walls or render can then be removed and once completely dry, repaired to prevent further deterioration from moisture and salt contamination [enter link to salt control services page].

‘I cannot recommend Brad and his team from Rising Damp Solutions highly enough. Brad was so helpful, knowledgeable and efficient - he went beyond the call of duty to help us get the best result. I was particularly grateful for the way he preserved the heritage features of our house and the generous way he advised and helped us on other matters in our renovation. Thanks so much, Brad!   Pamela F from Annandale, Sydney 

We fix penetrating damp too!

Penetrating damp is where the outside level is higher than the inside (like a retaining wall) and can stop the water and moisture from coming into the house.

Let’s talk to see how we can help you in fixing your rising damp problems – so your family can enjoy your home again.  Call Brad today on 0417 499 917.