Salt Control

Salt control is the final step in your rising damp solutions.

What are the signs of salt contamination?

  • Evidence of effervescence (salt)
  • Wall feels damp, especially after high humidity or heavy rain
  • Timber decay
  • Musty smell
  • Previous rising damp problems
  • Sometimes there is no visual evidence but damage may be happening internally

What is salt contamination?

When a rising damp issue has been treated and the waterproofing layer has been added, the wall and area need approximately 3 to 6 months to thoroughly dry out.  During this drying time, the moisture left from the rising damp weeps out of the wall.  As the moisture dries out, the liquid salt may leave deposits of crystallised salt.

These salt deposits in and on the wall continue to absorb moisture, especially during days of high humidity or heavy rain.  This is similar to your household salt, the salt shaker tends to clog when there is heavy rain.   As the salt crystals absorb more moisture, they continue to expand and cause decay in masonry - bricks, mortar and stone - within the wall.

If the original plaster is not removed or has been repaired before the wall has had a chance to thoroughly dry out, the residual salt draws in the moisture and the walls will appear wet, especially after rain.

The salt contamination solution

The team at Rising Damp Solutions will measure the amount of moisture in your wall with a moisture meter to assess the extent of your salt control problem.

A poultice from Westox, is applied to the wall and works by drawing out the salt in masonry and preventing further damage to the wall.   This poultice is made from a pharmaceutical grade filter paper to add to its high porosity and purity and was originally developed to treat sandstone salt contamination at Fort Denison on Sydney Harbour.

Once completed, the walls and flooring can be replaced or repaired knowing that all moisture and salt has been removed and the area will remain dry.

If the salt contamination is treated in its infancy, less damage will be done to the structure of your house or building.

Got a salt contamination problem?  Call Brad from Rising Damp Solutions now on 0417 499 917, to find out how we can help you.